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Sierra knew Blade feared she might get kidnapped, but she made him call off security saying she could take care of herself. Then shortly thereafter, she was careless and was kidnapped.

She was stupid to get rid of her security. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: five. Setting: current day San Francisco, Dallas and Mexico. Copyright: Genre: contemporary African-American romance. Mar 26, G B rated it it was amazing. This one was probably my fav from the series I love how Ruth was not involved, but somehow she was involved.

I wonder if Sierra will ever find out if her mother had already made the choice for her and I wonder if the readers will ever find out how Ruth was able to pull it off. Aug 05, Jazzypom rated it liked it. Because I know that you're going to object my lovely, I'll do it behind your back, because all is fair in twu wuv".

In addition, you have the nosey sisters, over protective "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. In addition, you have the nosey sisters, over protective brothers is there any other kind? What happened to the, "Okay, I'll leave you well enough alone, but if you need a shovel and a shallow grave, I'm there" brothers? Unluckily for me, I started with Only You the fifth book in the Grayson family series. I knew I was in trouble when I read this line: "Since she was a direct descendant of an African high priestess and a Native American shaman, Sierra didn't question how she knew he was hurting, or her own actions.

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She's part Pocohantas, part Aida, with a bit of Mulan for spunk Jazz, Sierra Grayson is a Mary Sue, the only character deficit is recklessness, Americans like recklessness, I'm doomed! I had no other choice but to push on. It doesn't help that Sierra charms everyone that she meets, she bubbles, and emotes and empathises. I expected her to start speaking to animals a la Cinderella.

If Sierra couldn't have afforded Versace, Escada or Ralph Lauren black label lines - she'd have gotten her animal friends to make it for her- and it wouldn't be sweat shop labour, no, because they were doing it for Sierra. The Mary Sue comparison is not shaken that in a pinch at the wedding reception she was able to play harp, with the dexterity of a Joanna Newsom, thus saving the day. Anyways, for what its worth, here's the plot: Sierra Grayson gets put up for one of those auctions for 'charidee' - she gets won by Blade Navarone, they fall for each other hard and fast.

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  • Of course, Blade is emotionally distant, due to some tragic accident in his past, and is a bit of gruff. I actually liked Blade Navarone - it's rare that you see a descendant of 'the first peoples' that isn't a noble savage ala Cassie Edwards, and relatively three dimensional. He's pulled himself up by his footsteps and is a relatively sympathetic character - I can't stay that about Sierra, since despite her supposed recklessness, she comes out better than before.

    See a Problem?

    When I'm reckless, I have credit card bills up the whazoo and wondering when I'll be able to squeeze my size 12 body into a size 8 two piece tiger striped bikini on a beach in Britain. I'm hesitant to put this as an IR romance, since Sierra Grayson is the descendant of an Indian shaman and all.

    The sex scenes were pedestrian - I really expected Blade to have some technique in the bedroom it was implied, okay? Because the sex scenes were clumsily done, I thought the writer would have been better off making the action fade to black, or just go poetic. Then, the plot twist at the end of the book was so obvious, Stevie Wonder could have seen it coming I did.

    Oh, and it's could NOT care less. NOT could care less. Editors of these books, I'm looking at you. Mar 14, Rhonda Soukup rated it it was ok. This book was all too perfect. Perfect people, perfect looks, perfect material things, yadda, yadda. Even when something bad happened to the main character she was not harmed. Sep 12, Michelle Crawford rated it it was amazing.

    This was definitely my favorite Grayson story. Love can be so complicated and unpredictable but it's such a beautiful thing. This story the entire series is a lesson on love. What it means to truly love someone. How a family should love one another unconditionally and stick with one another. It shows how there will be ups and downs in any relationship but with the right love it will endure.

    Even though the Grayson family and their eventual spouses are not your typical everyday people, the less This was definitely my favorite Grayson story. Even though the Grayson family and their eventual spouses are not your typical everyday people, the lessons still apply. I couldn't have asked for a better ending to their stories.

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    Jan 08, LC rated it really liked it. Great classic romance between successful businessman Blade Navarone and real estate broker Sierra Grayson. This is truly the old style romance where the women are always virgins no matter how old they are but if that doesn't annoy you, you'll enjoy it. Mainly I appreciate writers like Ms. Ray who show successful black families as normal instead of an anomaly. There are too many books that just play into negative stereotypes. Ray's family sagas are a nice balance to that. This is book 5 in the Great classic romance between successful businessman Blade Navarone and real estate broker Sierra Grayson.

    This is book 5 in the Grayson family series, don't start these books unless you're prepared to get sucked in! Jan 13, Monica rated it it was amazing.

    Only You: A Grayson Novel

    Out of all 5 books, this was my favorite! I absolutely love Sierra'a spunky character. I also love the fact that she wouldn't give up on Blade Navarone. Her mother couldn't have picked a better person for her daughter. The only thing that I wish would have been incorporated in this family at some point was them having children.

    I hate to see this family series end. Job well done Francis Ray May 31, Tanisha rated it it was amazing. I Absolutely Loved Loved Loved how the book read! I was so into the story that I didn't want to put the book down! I just finished reading it for the second time, I read it for the first time two years ago! Oh and I loved how The Mother, Ruth had a hand in picking all the mates for her children, even her youngest child! Feb 10, Jody rated it liked it Shelves: romance , fiction.

    I read this book because I had just won First Reads giveaway another in the Grayson series, and thought it would give me a better perspective in evaluating that book. It had an element of suspense, as well as some predictability to the story.

    Grayson’s Syndrome (The Only Known Case in Human History)

    Dec 22, Carla rated it it was amazing. I have read this book so many times, simply because I love the complexity of the main characters. I love how fearless Sierra is until she finds a man that she can't charm. She wanted to heal him and love him and just wanted to love her from a distance because he felt that forever was something he had to live without. Her fearlessness saved them in the end. This is a must read if you love romance, genuine characters and stories about, family, love and loyalty. May 23, Marlene rated it it was amazing Shelves: how-do-i-love-thee , erotica. Sierra is the only Grayson girl!

    Sierra and Blade romance was dangerous and sexy.

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