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The answers on the other side are troubling and disappointing to put it lightly.

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The youth of had one thing in common and that was eradicating the introduced Bantu Education Act and subsequent projects implemented with it. While this was emotionally draining for parents of the Class of and the class itself, because of the spirit of unity, nothing stopped them and today I pay homage to them.

when the heart weeps

In paying tribute, I weep for the youth of Manenberg, although make no mistake, Manenberg is a small piece of a bigger puzzle. A story that Manenberg is a violent and violence ridden community.

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How can I not weep for my brothers and sisters who reside in the neighbourhood, who come from both ends of being perpetrators and victims of the perpetuating violence and usage of drugs? So I ask, in my weeping, what is the rite of passage for the Manenberg boy?. Here is a thing; if you are a young man and not admired by an older man, you hurt. The industrial revolution robbed us of our fathers, our fathers are out from the early hours of the morning to work and back late when they are exhausted and temperamental, and this hurts a young boy growing up deeply who then seeks comfort elsewhere.

Hence gangs are a group of young men with no older men around them.

The Heart Gently Weeps

This creates a sense of longing to be a better man and, without details, the process moulds these young men to be better men to lead and head their families and communities. So to answer your unfair question about the cause that the Manenberg youth is advocating for, it is developing a constructive rite of passage that will channel the energy to think deeper and do better, as Jessica Breakey from the University of Cape Town would put it. These gangs provide emotional support for the wounded boys, offer physical strength as they enter in gang territorial wars and spiritual fulfilment as they learn inside language, tactics and anthems.

His interests vary from South African politics and African history to his passion, which is public policy development and analysis in the developing countries context. Recomendar Twitter.

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