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Can hypnosis really help your eating habits for the new year? We gave it a try. — The Know

Creating a healthy eating habit of slowing down and processing what you take in as food will build the habits that results in weight loss, not only that; a better lifestyle. It is important to understand how processed food is made and how it can affect what we want to eat. During the journey of weight loss, avoiding processed food from fast food chains is best due to its added sugars, fats and high calories.

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It also creates addictive-like eating. Processed food is not good for you and will not help with your weight loss, so avoid it.

After a regrettable candy binge, I was ready to try anything to get my sweet tooth under control.

What this means is that for some of us, we are not in control of our eating habits! We try going on a diet, then we stop being on the diet before we see results.

Ways to re-write your subconscious include visualizations, writing affirmations and listening to subliminal or hypnosis audios. Your thoughts and mindset are probably the most important part of helping you during your weight loss journey, because you are your own motivator to succeeding this goal. Keeping a positive and realistic perspective will keep you on track and moving forward.

Believe in yourself! Want to learn more about hypnosis — read our FAQ.

Stop Eating Junk Food Positive Affirmations

If you want to be in the romantic relationship of your dreams , make sure you have done the self-exploration and growth that will help you attract the best possible partnership. Be clear on what you want out of a relationship and why you want it. You should be comfortable and happy with yourself first. It takes focus and time to find and build a loving relationship. You will face disappointments along the way. The protagonist, as the title suggests, is a hypnotherapist.

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She uses hypnotherapy on herself and her clients to help them gain self-control, give up bad habits, fall asleep easily, and gain perspective on their lives. Early in the book, the narrator uses hypnotherapy to quickly gain her composure by envisioning a golden light pulsing through her body, and she helps a client fall asleep by visualizing dripping honey into a hot cup of tea.

It was all so calming, appealing and powerful.

Say No To Junk Food Addiction - Rain Sounds Subliminal Session - By Thomas Hall

I had wanted to try it ever since. So when I was approached by Richard Barker , an Orlando, Florida-based hypnotist who offered to come to my office to speak to me about the field and give me a session, I readily said yes.

Hypnosis for Binge Eating: Overcoming Food Addictions with Hypnotherapy

At our meeting, after giving me a backgrounder on hypnotherapy, we got down to business. I started seated with my eyes open, staring at one singular point I chose a red thumbtack on a bulletin board. Richard took me through some breathing exercises, then had me close my eyes and relax my body. The thing that struck me the most is that Richard kept talking the entire time for the full 20 minutes.

He repeated himself often, kept up a soothing stream of words and chatter, using a tone that was comforting, yet firm.

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Once I was hypnotized, he told me I would not eat sugar, candy, or treats on a regular basis. That when I had those cravings, I would opt for something healthier like an apple or a glass of water, and that I would do this because I valued my health and wanted to live a long healthy life. You owe it to yourself to take care of your body, start eating healthier, and kick the junk food habit. Our affirmations will make this process so much easier. If you use them consistently, especially whenever you crave junk or feel overwhelmed by temptation, you will be able to make permanent changes to the way you eat, the foods you crave, and the way you relate to food.

You CAN eat healthier and feel better, and as you know it all starts in the mind… Use these affirmations to change your old habits and become someone who always chooses healthy food over junk, has control over their eating habits, and actually craves healthier foods.