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Pearl Stringing protects your jewelry.

World Show more World. US Show more US. Terjeki says the tools of the trade are basic: pliers, scissors, needles, razor blades, threads, tweezers, tape measure and glue. She will use nylon or silk thread but prefers the former. Visually, nobody can tell the difference. The work may seem repetitious but Terjeki says every job is different and most jobs are intricate and complex.

Working on antique jewels is particularly demanding. Antique pieces tend to be more challenging because of their age.

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There is no place for errors as they are irreplaceable. With the exception of occasionally working with Bradley, Terjeki works alone in a nondescript studio in Mayfair, but she enjoys her work, particularly when the piece is rare and valuable.

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A closeup of Renata Terjeki at work. I feel honored to work on pieces that other people can only see in catalogs or behind a glass window. I like the fact that my job is versatile. I block out the outside world and channel all my energy and attention into the piece I'm working on in that moment.

My job is very therapeutic as for a short period of time I don't think about my problems, only the piece. While there is no typical day, there are times when it will be particularly busy. During the auction seasons she spends most of her time working on antique and vintage jewels.

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When there are major jewelry fairs in Hong Kong, Doha and Basel, her time is spent helping to create and build new jewels. Complicated jewels such as plaited sautoirs where she sits for hours with her hands in one position can be especially difficult. Master pearl stringer, Renata Terjeki.

However, there is a need for more stringers. Learning the basics is easy enough but becoming good enough to work on rare jewels requires years of practice. Terjeki suggests that a proper attitude may be the most important attribute in being successful at the job.

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Life is never black and white. Stringing is no different.