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(28-1) Introduction

What sort of things are you pouring into it? What kind of music are you listening to, or movies you are watching? Who is your heart attaching to? Are they following the Lord or leading you astray? Purity of your emotions is so important! If you don't protect your heart, you will eventually allow someone else to have control over it, and thus, they end up controlling your emotions. Pray and ask God to reveal what you can do so protect the purity of your heart!

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The Palace of Pleasure.

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It's also a great way to discover new podcasts. So easy to find shows to follow. David looks down from his roof. He sees this woman who's bathing in this ritual purification. He sees that she's beautiful. He sends messengers. He brings her to the palace. She comes, and he is sexually intimate with Bathsheba who is another man's wife. Now in this case, we don't know for sure how responsible Bathsheba was. We don't know how she responded to David's advances. I read a commentary this morning on this subject that was interesting to me.

She was assured of her ritual purity. He had intercourse with her. The bathing itself may have been for the purpose of ritual purification and would therefore not only advertise Bathsheba's charms, but would serve as a notice to the king that she was available to him. Now, we don't know if all that was in her mind, but let me ask this question just based on what we do know.

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Who was responsible for David's sin? Was David responsible? David's sin in this case is obvious, but the sin of the woman involved is not so obvious. We don't know what her motives were. We don't know if she was aware of what she was doing. We don't know if she went to David's palace willingly or under coercion.

What we do know is that she was careless , that if nothing else, she unintentionally exposed her body to a man who was not her husband and that when she did, she became a cause of David's great sin, and not only of David's sin, but ultimately of the murder of her husband and the death of her child. Bathsheba did not necessarily intend to cause this evil.

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth

She did not necessarily foresee the evil, and yet in some sense, she was the cause of the evil, if only through carelessness. Bathsheba failed to govern her modesty, and David failed to govern his eyes. An explosion. You see, she could not be responsible for governing David's eyes. You cannot be responsible for governing the eyes of the men around you, but ladies, we can be responsible and—here's the challenge—we are responsible for governing our modesty. So how much responsibility do we have as women?

Well, the Scripture teaches us that we are responsible for one another's well-being. Wouldn't that be a great resolution for all of us as Christian women to have? You know what? It's not an option.

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It takes a conviction. It's a principle of deference. What does deference mean? It means the "willingness to limit our liberty for the sake of others who are weak," others who may be caused to stumble or to fall. Listen, there's nothing necessarily, inherently sinful about certain articles or items of clothing and just cloth, fabric, whatever.

It's not inherently sinful. What makes it sinful for us as women to wear is if in so doing we are taking our candle and throwing it into the gunpowder, causing an explosion , if we're putting a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother's way. Let me go back to my friend who learned five years ago that her husband had had an affair with a woman at work who dressed sensually. She said,. At the time, I would have considered myself a modern, Christian woman who for the most part was very modest.

With tears streaming down my face, I began pulling every immodest item out of my closet.

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I suddenly saw things that were too tight, too short, and too low cut. I wanted to get rid of anything that could cause another woman's husband to fall into that same pit. I carried bags of clothes to the trashcan and spent the next day buying modest skirts and feminine tops that would honor God but still look stylish. I had never noticed those kinds of clothes before because I was not looking for them. I was looking for things that promote the world's philosophy.

Unfortunately, my husband's coworker had bought into a lie, and so had I. Our marriage has been restored [I know this couple, and it is really true], but I often cringe as I sit in church and see the way some women still choose to dress. When I talk to teen girls I challenge them to dress for Jesus and to look into the mirror and ask, "God, is this alright with You? Please ask the women you speak with to consider how they would feel if it was their husband, their brother, or their pastor. Please ask them to help protect my husband and my sons by dressing modestly.

By Your Spirit and Your power and Your grace, I want to resolve afresh this moment never to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in the path of anyone else for whom You died. Show us, Lord.

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Help us to be willing to take, if needed, drastic measures, as my friend did, to be the kind of women who help and lift up and encourage and strengthen the men around us rather than in any way pulling them down. I pray in Jesus' name, amen. Leslie: Have you been putting a stumbling block in front of the men you know through the way you dress?