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The reason fiber is beneficial is in fact because it is not digestible. This is not an argument against including plant matter in the diet; fiber is an excellent reason to add plant matter. Fiber provides a source of prebiotics and fermentable substrates that help improve healthy gut function [ 10 ] and has been shown to be beneficial for gut microbiome health in dogs [ 11 ]. The misunderstanding seems to be that there is no middle ground or moderation. Vegetables should be processed in some way to make them more bioavailable and easier to utilize.

I then freeze the veggie mix into molds for easy feeding. Leafy green vegetables, like kale, chard, spinach, arugula, parsley, or mustard greens are great choices, as are broccoli, green beans, bell peppers, brussel sprouts, or carrots.

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Fruits like blueberries, cranberries, papaya, pineapple, and raspberries are packed with beneficial antioxidants. Does your dog NEED veggies in their raw diet in order to survive? No, absolutely not. Personally, I say yes, but that is for you to decide for your own dogs.

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Every dog is different. Excellent article, I feed my dogs some veggies too and they do better with them in the diet, their bloodwork reflects this. I have been feeding small amounts of fruits and veggies to my companions for years, and they absolutely love them!!! I grow a variety of leafy greens.

To me this says it all, dogs need, dogs, at least mine, love fruits and veggies!! This was very informative to the lay person. I feed my sheltie a raw meat diet and try to look for new information only from specialists … So I will make my own conclusion based on this expert information. Of course, every dog is different, some do better with more veggies than others.

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I was wondering how many of those little mini cupcakes of veggies of course you give to your dog a day? I am new to the raw diet for dogs and have been having issues finding how much to give them. Thank you!!! I am curious as to the use of fermented vegetables, like sauerkraut. Dr Becker had mentioned it as a great source for probiotics. My dogs love fermented sauerkraut and some other fermented veggies. Are these as good as she says? I am feeding a prey model raw diet and have incorporated some veggies and fruits recently, being aware of carbs.

Good read! As dogs have been human companions for millennia, it would seem to me that they must have been eating a more varied diet than wolves. If picking up fruit, veg, bread etc was so hugely detrimental then they would not be with us. Thanks for your non hysterical and scientific article. Moderation is a wise mantra. I agree on the article. Hi Plear, thank you for the wonderful statements on feeding veg. I started raw feeding my dogs in and continued until my last in They can provide some of the nutrients that prey model lacks, plus some fiber and prebiotics for healthy digestion.

Leafy greens like kale, chard, bok choy, broccoli, parsley, mustard greens, dandelion greens, and spinach should be the main focus, while carrots, green beans, zucchini, and berries are also great choices. In order to be digested and utilized efficiently by your dog, you should puree or grind veggies up in a food processor before feeding to make them more bioavailable.

You can read more about veggies here. I agree with this article. Dogs produce a small amount of amylase in their saliva and their pancreas produces amylase in appropriate amounts. As a seasoned biologist I also disagree with many of the extreme responses and twisting of information that Mary put up.

Predigested Leafy greens are a great way to incorporate fiber and antioxidants.

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I mean, if we all ate a caveman diet we would probably only live to a ripe cave man age of Nice article. I feed veggies and freeze ground up veggies in ice cube trays easy to take out and serve. She needed to loose some weight so the added veggies does help her feel bit more full and she lost the weight and looks great.

I mix her joint supplement when I give the veggies to her. I follow prey model and do give whole prey once in while either whole rabbit, sardines, herring, and quail. My shiba also loves to munch on pears from my tree. No need to go further.

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I feed whole prey model raw PLUS veggies. It helps that my dog lb english mastiff LOVES veggies… everything except green beans the one recommended most often to cut calories. She does NOT like green beans. I use sweet potato and other veggies to increase stool bulk and keep the anal glands clear, while avoiding constipation issues. Sugar in excess causes the issues you mention. Very minimal sugar from a small amount of vegetables will not cause those problems. You have yet to provide a source for your claim that producing enzymes is stressful on the pancreas.

Since you cannot provide proof, I will continue to subscribe to current scientific knowledge, that the pancreas produces enzymes as part of its normal function, and there is no sound evidence that supports the idea that small amounts of plant matter will cause organ failure or diabetes in an animal like you have claimed.

You have spent a lot of time typing out basic information about digestion and nutrition. I can assure you, I am already well aware of this information.

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Grass, dandelions, and herbs are all comparable to the nutrient composition of leafy green vegetables. Why do you think wild canids would eat these things? We could speculate that they might not have gotten as much roughage in their diet during that time, and they may have seeked out the grasses and herbs because they would provide them with fiber and a fermentable substrate for prebiotics and healthy gut bacteria.

This is one of the reasons a small amount of veggies fed to our dogs might be beneficial which was already mentioned in the article. The bulk of your comment is very basic information about digestion and nutrition. I can assure you, I know this information. Much of the rest of your comments continue to bring up points that have already been addressed in the article, so I will quote the relevant sections of the article for you.

Your main argument is consistently based on what wolves eat in the wild. Other studies demonstrate that the diet is not the same year round [2], showing that more variety — and, yes, plant matter — is consumed during summer and spring months [3]. Here is a green juice recipe for people who enjoy a lighter flavored green juice:. Makes about 2 cups of juice. The ingredients for this juice contain mg of calcium , 2 mg of iron, 1 mg of zinc, and 81 mg of magnesium. Makes about 3 cups of juice. The ingredients in this juice contain mg of calcium, almost 12 mg of iron, 3.

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These numbers are impressive when compared to the adult daily values for these nutrients! Living Light faculty instructors Dr. Rick Dina, D. And the best news is that the next complete session begins May 25!

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