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[On His Blindness] Sonnet 16

He tries to accept the disability. Report Reply. The video supplied apparently utilized a computer generated voice.

Those can never give a proper rendering of any poem. A human reader Few, I fear, know how to really read poetry- to make it come alive!

One of my favourite poems—touching the human feeling of physical affliction. As we stand and wait to serve by the side of our loved ones who are in need; or as we bear graciously our own sufferings and limitations We would all love to rush about with great purpose but as one songwriter says More objective question Report Reply.

John Milton

Thank you for your great contribution that you revealed through this poem on his blindness by John milton. From which I can read and know your sharing service. We know that our wisdom, knowledge, and skills are for the service of the society. It is therefore a folly on his part to think that God requires his services. Actually they serve him the most who patiently and without a grumble surrender themselves to His will and endure all spiritual, mental and physical sufferings which God may inflict on them.

A little calm and careful thinking leads the poet to believe that the question of disservice to God does not arise at all. Of course he is Omnipotent, all powerful and Lord of lords and King of kings. He has countless divine servants, angels, etc. Finally the poet concludes that even if he is blind and unable to do any service to Him, he should only remain loyal to Him.

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It must be remembered that even silent attendance is also a kind of service to Him. This sonnet bears Italian structure. It is a sonnet which touches the poet personally.

On His Blindness

The sonnet tells us that Milton became blind when he had run only half the race of his life. He was only 44 when he became totally blind. He was broken down with grief, disappointment and despair.

His only hope was his faith in the mercy, kindness and justice of God. The sonnet is replete with abundant pathos. The poet was known to possess a noble and lofty character and his conduct was akin to his nature and temperament. Milton's later sonnets and the Cambridge manuscript.

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Modem Philology, 54 , John Milton: Collected shorter poems. The poetical works of John Milton: with notes of various authors 3 vols.

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London: J. The title to the poem. Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database.

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Retrieved Haskin, Milton's burden of interpretation. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, ISBN X. Urban, " The Talented Mr.