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Cindy is a retired elementary teacher who spent 36 years sharing good literature with Kindergarten and First Grade students.

Her Masters work focused on integrating children's literature into all areas of the curriculum. She has spent three years photographing the Dobson family sheep on the farm near Florence, along the sheep trail, and in the mountains of Northern Arizona. This is her fourth and last book documenting this historic trail. The last sheep walked the miles in the spring of Cindy's love of travel and photography blended to create her books.

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She takes you along with her as she experiences the Heber-Reno Sheep Trail. Formats Softcover.

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Men On The Heber-Reno Sheep Trail

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Language : English. HAZ Forum. Google [Bot]. Quick links. Hiking Related — Not Trail Specific. Linked Guides none. Linked Areas none. The sign said something to the effect of "a perfect example of the 'multiple-uses' that the National Forest system was created for". I'd never herd of it before, so it was with some interest that I caught the recent glimpse on the news of the end of the sheep drive, as the sheep crossed the Blue Point Bridge in East Mesa on their way to Queen Creek.

It says that the entire drive from the White Mountains to Queen Creek happens on public lands, which makes me wonder Are there any existing trails that parallel the Sheep Driveway besides Canyon Creek? Have HAZ members encountered other signs indicating it? Anybody have more info on the history of the drive?

I also believe that Sheep's Crossing in the White Mountains is unrelated. Though I'm willing to be corrected.

Arizona Wool Growers Association

Highway to hell. On one of my many trips to Young, I came across the sheep as they were being driven north. Millions of 'em! I'll post the pic I took when I find it. There are a couple of books by Leland J. Hanchett that I think discuss the Heber-Reno sheep driveway.

One is about the Pleasant Valley War great book! Come to think of it, I believe I have a picture of that info sign as well. Seems that there's only one operation left that still does the drive, and though its a money-losing operation, they like the tradition. Gotta believe that this will end in the next few years. Might be nice to try to find them on a hike in the next few weeks. If they crossed Blue Point on Tuesday and Wednesday and cover about 6 miles a day, they should be somewhere around the Rolls or Mesquite wash this weekend.


I wish I knew the exact route of the driveway! I'll post more pictures on HAZ later tonight. You can go from Minnesota to California in a matter of minutes, then have Mexican food that night. I have had to stop my truck on my way home from work at Hidden Meadow Ranch last summer on FR in order to let them pass by.