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Roger had been hired by Terence many times, and fired nearly as often.

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First at the French Gold Abbott ad agency where Roger won the Habitat advertising account; then at two more agencies including Mavity Gilmore, his own business. He quit business to work as a writer and photographer.

It's also about life. That's why you should read it.

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How to sell yourself and your brilliant ideas - the classic business book updated The pitch is the absolute essence of modern business. About the Authors Stephen Bayley In the s, Terence Conran plucked Stephen from the obscurity of provincial academe to do his good works. Read more. Roger Mavity Roger had been hired by Terence many times, and fired nearly as often. Related titles.

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Do you need more than a sentence to sum up your big idea? Bayley challenges you to identify one slide that encapsulates your central idea. Build confidence by expressing yourself simply. The more complex the reassurances you give, the less reassuring you become.

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But yes, detail is important, in the right place. Your audience want to know that there is depth and detail behind your simple message, so you must demonstrate that the detail has been taken care of. Whilst you have command of the strategy and the big idea, you have strong troops who can provide all the technical and tactical back-up they need. It is still surprising how poorly some people pitch their stories. They over-complicate their thesis, let the slides get in the way and underestimate the importance of commitment and trust.

Mike launched Frog in , after seven years in industry and 12 years at 3i. Key takeways: Telling your story is more theatre than information. Even the most logical of audiences base their judgements on whether they trust your vision of the future. Whilst numbers, stats and assumptions are important, their core judgement will be heavily influenced by whether they believe in you and that you have the energy, expertise, team and insight to succeed.


People buy people. But we forget it, and Powerpoint has a habit of constraining passion and drawing you into detail.

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It is not the originality of the idea which drives most business success, but the commitment to making that idea happen. Let it evolve through the pitch. Keep control of your pitch by developing your story step by step.