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How big is your audience? Is this based on a straight average of the ads within or is it weighted? Of course you should check the individual ads to have a better understanding but we found out that overall also the average is a pretty good indicator of your performances for most of the campaigns! One commenter wrote: Does the Relevance Score change over time? Your answer: very little. How can we know if our ad is performing better if the relevance score is not changing?

I mean if the CTR increases, Relevance score must increase too, right? How do I do that? Not with AdEspresso but on Facebook. Audience intersection is a feature that Facebook does not support yet, sorry. We are boosting an event organized by our institution and are getting a relevance score of 8. BTW, this is for an educational institution in India and we are custom targeting our audience.

I have a broad audience of more than 8 million people and my frequency is at 1. You could try reducing it and finding a more laser-focused audience of around 1M users. What do you mean by a huge budget when targeting 8M audience? How much budget is recommended for that audience, and how much for laser targeted 1M?

I am in health niche, boosting my posts to get more engagement, and often I use interests to target the right audience. I suppose that my audience will become very small in this case. Interesting matter. The relevance score could be a secondary metrics or became a first metrics to evaluate the quality of FB Ads? Hey Lorenzo! Especially for B2B unless you only use custom audiences, achieving an high Facebook Relevance Score is sometime nearly impossible. I have 5 ads in an ad set, they only differ by the photo they deliver. Three of the ads in my ad set have relevancy scores between 6 and 7 except for one that has no score so far because it only has impressions so far.

After just a couple of days running, I saw that one particular ad was costing me. The ad had reached people and delivered only 1 website click so although the timeframe in which I allowed it to run was short 2 days it was a low-performer to me. I want to get the hang of reading and understanding the metrics etc. Is this relevant no pun intended? Typically, how long should you keep your ad running as-is before you make significant changes for better performance?

Hello, Could you please tell me more about relevance score and which more important relevance score or affinity.. I have high Positive as well as high negative relevancy score. My account was banned in Facebook ads while running a white hat campaign, promoting a blog post on how to look for work abroad for a client. After repeated emails to the ad support telling them how they were crushing my agency business, finally they told me the reason was that a lot of people were hiding my ad increasing negative score and that was the reason of my account getting suspended.

How on earth can you work with rules like that. Now because of several haters that report our ads for whatever the reason we can get our facebook ads account banned. We had the same issue where we were banned from advertising on Facebook due to high negative feedback.

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And my relevancy score changes everyday. On one of my ads yesterday, I had a relevancy score of 9 and with no changes to the ad or audience, my relevancy score today is 4. I still have both high positive and high negative feedback. Very interesting article! Is it possible to pinpoint which segment is giving a higher negative feedback?

I have some theories regarding certain ads that have both high positive and high negative feedback and would like to see the data to make decisions, thanks! I was wondering on how do you deal with bad comments on your ads?

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I heard that deleting comments will increase my CPC, so I would love to hear from you on you deal with such a thing. I have been running very similar ads to the exact same audience interests, geo, age, gender, etc. One with the goal of app installs only on mobile , one aiming at clicking through to a landing page for a free signup desktop only. The app installs ad has a relevance score of 10, the website click ad a score of 3.

Fantastic details. In what time intervals you should tweak audiences to improve relevance score? Thanks for the key insights. Am I right? Estimating the CPM ex ante can be useful because — only by knowing your budget and average CTR — one can estimates results. Very Good article learned so many new things about FB ads. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day.

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Very Good article learned so many new things about Facebook Ads. The explanation about Facebook Ad Relevance Score is great and clearly understood. It is very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing! This article explains very nicely about Facebook relevance score and strategies. Thanks for sharing. Nice post!

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Thanks for sharing this information. However, I would like to know why I am not able to see Relevance Scores in my ad campaigns. Is there any specific reason for that. Please, help how do I check relevance score of the running ads to make it better for good result. A very good article! Thanks for sharing this article on the relevance score. Also, the relevance score can be increased by running campaigns at the right time. Now I get know about relevance score and how it is going to work for me.

The best things about this blog is, it also telling that how our Facebook ads should be and how to create excellent Facebook ads to improve your ROI. Great post. I like this post very much. It is very useful and informative post. Thank you so much….

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Facebook ad relevance score was a important metric in facebook advertisement. Relevance was out of 10 and now facebook has taken it out. Relevance score was calculated based on the engagement received on ad from its target audience like Ad CTR which was very important. Likes, comments and share The more positive interactions we expect an ad to receive the more relevant the score would be and it would result in low CPC.

I just want to tell you that your writing skills are amazing I am just amazed after reading your article. So I want to thank you for the useful information.

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I find it sometimes very challenging to get the relevance score up and above 6. I will definitely try to implement the tactics that you mentioned in this article and get my relevance score up. Thanks so much for this informative article. I would love to see a higher relevance score for my campaigns when I promote my blog.

This article by Massimo Chieruzzi provides brief description of how business can target their target customers through metric score […]. With a low relevance score you […].

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The more negative, the lower relevance score, the higher positive responses, the greater relevance score. Clearly defining interests, age, gender etc. This is a score on a scale of of how relevant an ad is to its target audience. Brands can […].

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AdEspresso analyzed , ads over a day period and saw a similar correlation between a higher Relevance Score and […]. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Guides eBooks Webinars Blog.