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Grid informs the Outsider of the intrusion, and he goes to protect their hooded prisoner, only for Black Manta to intercept him and kill him. Batman, Luthor, Catwoman, and B-0, who now calls himself, "Bizarro", enter the room with Grayson and see he has been placed in a "Murder Machine", originally intended for Doomsday. They realize the machine is a detonator for a bomb that can only be stopped if Grayson's heart stops. Johnny Quick and Atomica attack Captain Cold and Black Manta, who have unmasked the prisoner and removed the tape from his mouth.

Captain Cold freezes Johnny Quick's leg and then breaks it off. Back with Grayson, Luthor prevents Batman from saving Grayson, choosing to save the groups' lives over Grayson's. As Grayson dies, Batman attacks Luthor for murdering him, with Luthor trying to reason with him that he has everything under control. The hooded prisoner is revealed as Alexander Luthor. When he shouts "Mazahs! Luthor is able to revive Grayson, having only momentarily stopped his heart to disable the machine, as Cyborg joins the heroes, having destroyed Grid.

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Cyborg gives Batman Wonder Woman's lasso, and he is able to release the trapped heroes within Firestorm. Superwoman reveals that the father of her child is actually Alexander Luthor, that she's actually loyal to Mazahs, and she's secretly been planning to overthrow both Ultraman and Owlman and have Mazahs take control of the Crime Syndicate.

Mazahs kills both Deathstorm and Bizarro, and immobilizes Luthor. Realizing he sounds just like Mazahs, Luthor is able to use the magic word to summon the dark lightning, which transforms Mazahs back into Alexander Luthor. Luthor fatally stabs and kills Alexander before he can transform back into Mazahs.

Ultraman attacks Luthor, but Black Adam and Sinestro move the moon, stopping the eclipse and rendering Ultraman powerless with sunlight.

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Atomica reappears from underneath rubble, only for Luthor to kill her by stepping on her. Luthor rejoins the heroes and saves Superman by removing the Kryptonite placed in his brain by Atomica.

In the aftermath, Luthor tells Ted Kord he has decided to not buy Kord Industries, Ultraman and Superwoman have both been captured, with Owlman still on the loose, and Luthor begins the process to create a clone of Bizarro, while also deducing that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Never learning from the Crime Syndicate who the entity was that destroyed their world, Superman believes that Darkseid has returned, only for it to be seen elsewhere, that it is the Anti-Monitor who has been going around consuming universes, in order to attack Darkseid.

Steve Trevor awakes at the remains of the A. C and learns from his secretary Etta Candy that the headquarters' destruction was caused by a massive spike in energy around Dr. Light 's body and that A. After seeing the Crime Syndicate's broadcast, Trevor learns that the President is in danger, who has a back up key that would assist in A.

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  8. Trevor uses the President's key to open the Green Room, to keep the President and Candy safe, and heads to the Wonder Room, which he has filled with mementos of his past relationship with Wonder Woman. There, he finds the Delphi mirror and the Morai that reside within it, and strikes a deal with them to locate the missing Justice League members.

    Martin Stein's cabin, where Killer Frost has arrived. Both reveal they need Dr.

    The Cipher by Kathe Koja

    Stein's help to find and help Firestorm, as Stein created the protocols that make the Firestorm fusion possible. Stein reveals that the matrix, if not found, will get overloaded and explode, causing a second Big Bang. Elsewhere within the Green Room, Candy begins investigating about the founding of A. Light appears in Los Angeles and is found by people known as the Crimson Men. Stein's cabin.

    Forever Evil

    Stein takes Trevor and Killer Frost to his secret, off the grid, basement, where he uses his teleportation devices to transport them to A. Inside, they encounter fellow A. When Psi touches him however, Trevor realizes that he needs Wonder Woman's lasso of truth, which is in the possession of the Cheetah. In the Green Room, the President and "Mr. Green" discuss a promotion with Candy. Cheetah uses the lasso on Trevor, only for Trevor to gain control, noting how the lasso will choose to be controlled by the purer heart.

    Elsewhere, the Crimson Men take Dr. Light to their secret location, and promise to make him human again, in exchange for information on Trevor. Light heads to Trevor's location following Cheetah's defeat to kill him. Light, with Trevor using the lasso on him, to force him to teleport away. Martian Manhunter contacts Trevor to have him come help save the Justice League. Elsewhere, in the Green Room, "Mr. Green" reveals the history of A. With the heroes gone, Penguin becomes mayor of Gotham City, and divides the city up to different Arkham inmates.

    Scarecrow, hoping to control Gotham, goes to see Mr.

    Through his conversations with each, Scarecrow learns that Bane may be the cause of the Blackgate uprising, and will be their leader in the impending war, hoping to use the Talons that were stored at Blackgate on ice. Scarecrow approaches Professor Pyg and Penguin to see if they will support him.

    Penguin has already planned for the impending war, by blowing up the bridges giving access to Gotham City. Freeze, able to keep one from leaving. Freeze, while Bane retrieves Emperor Penguin for the Penguin as part of their agreement.

    See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

    When he brings him to the Penguin, the Penguin tells him that the Arkham fighters are not scared of Bane, as he does not instill fear as Batman did. Realizing this, Bane constructs a batsuit for himself and sets his sights on retrieving the Talons. Bane begins recruiting Gotham citizens to his side, offering his base at Wayne Tower as a haven to the people to escape the rule of the Arkham inmates.

    He tells Cobb his plan to turn the city over to the Court, in exchange for use of Talons at his disposal to be powered by his Venom. Elsewhere, Scarecrow begins waking the Talons in his possession, having doused them with his fear gas and using Mad Hatter 's mind-control technology in their helmets to control them.

    Bane, with the help of Cobb, is able to injure the Talons enough to activate their regenerative powers to remove the mind-control technology. At Arkham Asylum, Scarecrow senses he has lost the Talons and turns to his next plan, giving the other Arkhamites a small dose of Bane's Venom to temporarily transform them. Penguin arrives to congratulate Bane, and offers to exchange his help for the Arkhamites. Bane takes the offer, keeping Scarecrow however, to hang between two buildings and declares that Gotham City is finally his. After freeing the Trickster and attending the meeting at the Justice League Watchtower, the Rogues return to Central and Keystone City , only to see that both have been destroyed by Gorilla Grodd , [33] who has proceeded to take control of Central City as its king and renames it Gorilla City.

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    While there, the Crime Syndicate send Secret Society members to finish Grodd's work and destroy the hospital. The Rogues are able to hold them off, only to be interrupted by Deathstorm and Power Ring, who were sent by Ultraman to deal with the Rogues for resisting the Crime Syndicate. Trickster is able to quickly stop him, as Parasite arrives, because the Crime Syndicate has put a bounty on the Rogues' head. Unable to stop him, Mirror Master brings the Rogues into the mirror world to escape only to end up being caught by Poison Ivy in her district in Gotham City.

    Weather Wizard says he cannot, but Mirror Master says he can help if he can rebuild his mirror gun. After getting the parts and entering the mirror world, Mirror Master is able to get sunlight back to Poison Ivy's plants. However, the vine holding him begins to break, forcing Trickster to go in after him, stopping the sunlight from coming through. Freeze and Clayface 's territory.

    Freeze tells Mirror Master he is not interested in capitalizing on the bounty on their head, only to use Weather Wizard to create optimal conditions for him to freeze Gotham. As the Rogues are fighting the two, Black Mask arrives to capture the Rogues to receive the bounty.