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Olson, David H.

Founier, and Joan M. Phone: Probably the best inventory available to couples to assess the status of their marital relationship. Training, which is required, is readily available in both the U. Olsen, Martin G. Von Kaenel. Ramsey, NJ: Paulist Press, Pre-marriage counseling should, when possible, include group experiences.

Practical Issues that Help Prepare Young Couples for Marriage (Part 4)

This program is designed for three sessions of two and half hours each and involves both clergy and laity as group facilitators. Program segments include topics such as love, communication, finances, sex, marriage and faith. Each program segment includes a mini-lecture content provided , exercises, and a wrap-up session. Smaller congregations can join with other churches in the community or denomination for the sessions. Martens, Larry. Life With Promise. Hillsboro, KS: Kindred Press, Contains thirteen chapters on theological and practical matters of the marriage relationship.

Leading questions for discussion to facilitate communication are appended. Useful as reading assignments for pre-marriage counseling and small group processes. Churches and pastors increasingly realize that their calling is not to perform weddings but to nurture marriages. For too long it has been too easy to get married. Indeed, in many cases the church has contributed to the increase of divorce rates by marrying people who are inadequately prepared for marriage. Things are, however, changing. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, decided to stem the tide of broken marriages by requiring couples in the Diocese to spend at least 45 hours in formal premarital instruction and to wait a minimum of half a year before marrying.

The program began in After the first six months couples completed the instruction. Some couples decided to delay marriage, and, between decided to cancel their wedding all together. To counter the high divorce rate in Modesto, California, church leaders adopted a community-wide marriage policy to make it more difficult to get married. The policy mandates a four-month minimum waiting period.

Christian Premarital Counseling

Couples are required to complete extensive counseling and a concentrated period of preparation for the marriage relationship. These programs emerged out of a concern for permanent, fulfilling and Christ-like marriages. There is a small fee for this course which covers the cost of the curriculum.

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If you are a member of our church community and if you desire one of our pastors to officiate your wedding, please use the following step-by-step instructions. To sign up for classes, Contact Us. A non-Christian Marriage Because marriage is an institution introduced by God at the time of creation, it is a good thing for all of humanity, and not just for Christians. Deu ; Neh ; 1 Cor ; 2 Cor Remarriage After an Illegitimate Divorce If a Christian obtains an illegitimate divorce, a remarriage may not be officiated.

Premarital Counselling Because marriage is the second most important decision you will ever make after the decision to become a Christian , we want to ensure that your marriage will get off to a good start. Some things to note: The bible teaches that Christians are only to marry Christians Deut. We will not officiate your wedding if a Christian is marrying a non-Christian.

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Then sign up for premarital classes. The bible teaches that marriage is only between one man and one woman.

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If you are a Christian and are co-habitating with your spouse-to-be, and sharing conjugal relations, you are living in sin. We ask that you repent, one of you move out, and remain chaste until your wedding. If you refuse to change your living status, we will not officiate your wedding. If you or your spouse have been previously married, please speak to the pastor about this matter.

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The pastor will arrange an interview with the couple to discuss matters related to your wedding. Sign up with the CoaH office for the next available premarital class 5 weeks , offered in the spring and fall. The date of your wedding should take into consideration the following items.