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She turned her attention to flawed women for her second novel, Lying in Wait , which came out in My process of writing is to literally make it up as I go along. I am very jealous of the plotters who have their whole story mapped out on spreadsheets before they even start. I start with a character and put him or her in an extreme situation, examine the events that led to this situation, and then I play out the consequences.

I find the twists and turns as I go. I think that if I can surprise myself, I must surely be able to surprise the reader. I write by the seat of my pants, and it is usually when I am about seventy percent of my way into the writing that I discover what holds the story together. For years, I have been fascinated by island life.

I am both attracted to it and terrified of it and I had to force myself to examine why I feel this way. So I began my research, reading up on ancient folklore, watching documentary footage of thatched cottages and dry-stone walls, of weather-beaten fishermen, and black-clad widows. I was hooked. The islands I am talking about are stunningly beautiful.

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The landscape changes from moment to moment as clouds cast shadows, or sunbeams dance off the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. It is incredibly peaceful and quiet there, but remote and dangerous if the weather, or a neighbour, turns on you. If conditions are bad, you can be cut off from the rest of the world for weeks on end. The population is so small that there can be no secrets, and feuds are carried from one generation to the next. The wind could whip you off a cliff and dash you on the rocks below.

The eastern side of the island may be lush and green, while the west can be rocky and barren. Most of them have no police presence, so they are somewhat lawless and follow their own island code of ethics.

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If it generates a title you'd like to use, go right ahead! The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Sienna, one of the witches, will call Kate with some cryptic warning that ends up being an anchor. Bentley entered, took one look at both of them and smiled. I just thought you should know that Grandfather called and wanted to know how the maid was working out , source: Portraits of Celina Portraits of Celina online.

Her sister was now part of the prideā€¦a shifter. Liberty had been beaten almost to the point of death. Talon, her mate, had made the decision to turn her to save her life. But things in Nereidium are not what they should be. Legacy by Ellery A download. The once mortal characters of the first two books are now embracing their fey identities epub. I also enjoyed hoe Luce could go into the past by looking into the shadows.

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Centered around a modern pride of werelions, these novellas are quick to read and will make you laugh out loud, which is always a bonus in paranormal romance online. The new FBI agent, Rohan, doesn't hesitate to point this out to him. This book is intense, because everyone's keeping secrets. From the beginning, we've seen that Levi has only managed to work well at his job so far because he's been keeping his rage in check. Now, with the added stress of the Seven of Spades back, and how he looks more and more like a serial killer's profile, Levi is under a lot of pressure to do well. He needs Dominic at his side, but when he needs him most, Dominic is nowhere to be found.

Dominic is struggling with his own demons and reading what happens to Dominic and seeing him lash out at his friends is HARD to read. This is a very stressful part of the book, because we can see Dominic start spiraling and keeping secrets from Levi, and you just KNOW that nothing is going to end well. The story picked up after a while, and worked to keep you on your toes until the end. And what do you know? He's probably not, but I'll keep saying he is until the last book is released and we find out for sure who the Seven of Spades is.

Honestly, a lot of the card games and gambling lingo go over my head in these books. This one had a smidgen more references and terminology than the other books, because it deals a lot more intimately with the games. It's fine really.

I think I had more of an issue in this book where abbreviations weren't spelled out often, or early enough, in the book to get across what the abbreviations were. I did read an ARC for this book, so hopefully, the final version has these written out a bit more clearly. Overall, I thought the beginning was very slowly paced after the intensity left by Trick Roller. This book did get back up to speed like the mystery and pacing of the other two books soon enough. I'm worried where this story will go in the next book, because Levi and Dominic will have a lot of reflecting and apologizing to do more so from one character than the other, I think.

I not really sure where Levi's story is going to go, to be honest. He has all this rage building inside of him, and the only way he lets that out is through Krav Maga and sex.

The next book sure will be interesting. It's the penultimate novel in the series, so I'll just say it now - it's going to leave us with a shocking cliffhanger. Henna R, Reviewer. And oh boy was the book full of feelings and emotions. Dominic gets a case that makes him face his gambling addiction and sends him down a spiral while Levi is struggling with his demons and rage more than ever - all when Seven of Spades is getting more and more vicious and murderous.

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FBI has also send an agent to help with the serial killer, which stirs up trouble within the Las Vegas Police Department. Cash Plays suffered a bit from the middle book syndrome; Levi and Dominic hardly spend any time together and you just know there's going to be plenty of problems in their relationship.

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It's not necessarily all bad as Kingsbridge is a very good writer and all previous books have had high stakes. Personally, I'm not a fan of middle book syndrome when it comes to relationship problems, and that's the reason why I'm knocking one star off the rating. I wanted to see Levi and Dominic together and work on their connection and relationship, but that didn't really happen here.

Most of the old secondary characters were amiss and there were a lot of new interesting ones such as Russian crime boss Sergil Volkov and Rocco, but I missed seeing Dominic's family and friends. Cash Plays continues the stunning and captivating series, and stakes rise even higher. I need to see the things that were messed up in this one to be fixed in the next sequel. I still recommend the Seven of Spades series.

Sanaa Z, Reviewer. You're an idiot, Dominic. But I love you so can you please get your shit together. I neeeed the next book now, pretty please. Ana V, Reviewer. CASH PLAYS is an outstanding third installment of a series that is delivering a great mystery plot, keeping the reader guessing and on the edge most of the time. It was a perfect mix of action, love and a serial killer who is taking justice in his hands. Levi is trying to keep his rage under control but the constant inability to stop the Seven of Spades and the increasing disputes between the bigger names in the underworld crime scene keeps giving him more frustrations than he can handle.

The comfort he could find in Dominic has been taken away from him as Dominic starts becoming more and more secretive and the distance between them begins to risk their relationship. I had an amazing time reading this book. I just couldn't stop reading. It was thrilling.

I loved every bit of it. One of the things that I found more interesting was getting to know little details about The Seven of Spades, not enough that the mystery is gone but also not too little that we are in the shades about him.

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I was surprised although pleased to see a little weakness in him. The mystery is again the strongest part of the story and even though it didn't lack romance, this has been, sadly, the less romantic of the installments, but the relationship between Dominic and Levi keep being an important part of the plot and I enjoyed so much the moments they share.

As much as I loved their moments together, I also loved the struggles they had. I love their flaws, they're so far from being perfect, that makes them the kind of character I like to read about, one that can make mistakes and learn from them. Overall this was a magnificent book. The more I get myself into this series, the more in love I fall with it. The author's writing is amazing and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the book to any reader who enjoys reading mystery.

Mindy Lynn D, Reviewer.