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Our ideal will be to have the new goats live with lonely Freckles, as their current caretaker tells us they love horse-type friends, and get Wally and Mabel their own pasture where they can live out their lives happily, as well as make room for other emergency rescues that come along. These funds will allow us to more than triple our useable pasture space.

Donations 0. Khyentse James. Rachel Childs. Report fundraiser. Donkeys can develop a number of behaviour problems for various reasons, but a medical condition should always be forefront in your mind. Donkeys are not aware of our perceptions of good or bad behaviour, they only understand what is effective for them, and so if they learn that a problematic behaviour can be effective in getting what they want then they will repeat it.

It is difficult to know whether behaviours are passed on through the genes or if certain behaviour is learnt from parents during the juvenile stage. Therefore, it is important that all mares in foal are well-handled so that they develop the correct behaviours towards humans, and that foals should be consistently handled correctly as they are growing up.

There's a cattle and a donkey for every second Indian

Donkeys have evolved to travel long distances in search of sparse vegetation. This search for food, and the environment in which the donkeys lived, kept them mentally stimulated, fit and lean.

The domesticated donkey lives in a restricted environment. As a result of these restrictions, domestication can cause donkeys many problems ranging from overfeeding, boredom and poor social interaction. One of the most important elements provided by the environment is mental stimulation. Without this stimulation, problem behaviours develop; these behaviours are often designed to relieve the boredom of domestication.

If you own a donkey or are looking to purchase one and are unsure on the conditions you should be keeping them in, follow the link to our fact sheets to find out more information.

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Some useful measurements for your stable and keeping donkeys on small pastures should help you to make sure your donkey is as comfortable as possible. In all cases of behavioural problems, it is advisable to consult your vet first to eliminate pain as a possible cause of behaviour change. If you are interested in donkey behaviour or are looking to train your donkey, follow the link to find out more and attend one of our behaviour courses , taking place in different sanctuaries across the country.

Alternatively contact the centre by sending a message. Exploring the factors that influence their actions. Bonding Donkeys naturally enjoy the company of their own kind and when other donkeys are not present they may bond with horses, mules or other small stock. Territorial Domesticated donkeys may exhibit more territorial behaviour than horses.

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